Escorting: Full-Time Job, Habit or Despair

escorting full time

This article is for anyone who is thinking of becoming a Mumbai’s high class call girl, or anyone who is already call girl and wants to improve her (his) business and make more money. There are some useful tips and secrets from established, well-paid and successful Indicall girls. We give them to you, with the best wishes, we hope that you will prosper and stay safe in the call girl industry.

Like in other industries, the market of intimate services has several segments. Street or bar girls, working independently or for high class mumbai call girl agency. There is a certain difference between an elite Indian agency call girl and an independent call girl, of course. One part of that segment is occupied by the call girl agency that provides lovely companions for social meetings and parties and cultural events. Nevertheless, in such cases it is not utterly advertised that these girls offer sexual services for money.

If a lady is working for a mumbai call girl agency, she has some advantages in contrast to an independent call girl. High class Indian call girl agencies provide security, property and work for call girls. For example, call girl would be picked up by an agency driver and taken to her clients. If she wanted to know the specific meeting the man wanted, she would have to call him on her own beforehand; She would be paid from 100 till … an hour; The driver would wait outside until he received a call on his pager letting him know she was alright and had the money in her hand; But if she did not respond within 15 minutes when the agency called her for a “date” – she had to pay about 3000 rupees. call girl agencies in the Indian make their money by taking a percentage of the total of each call girl booking they take. These percentages are understandable.

A lot of people are worrying that call girling is illegal industry. But, in real life it depends upon where you are and what you are doing. It is very possible to work in the call girl industry completely legally in Indian. Agencies and call girls define their own limits. At many agencies, the expectation is clear that call girls are to be very attractive, intelligent, well-educated and open-minded with their clients. Other agencies “claim” to fire any girl who steps over the line and insist that their call girls are paid only for their beauty and elite company. Some Mumbai call girl agencies might say, “You can make 7000 rupees an hour for just going out to fancy restaurants and exclusive expensive clubs.” But in really it can be another thing. Do not believe in everything. You need real information, not salesmanship. Try to find really good, professional, safe company with great reputation.

There is one more problem some people believe that call girling is bad job, it’s immoral. So many women all over the globe are pleasing men only to be discarded and mistreated, when they should be rewarded for the deeply rewarding services they provide. Women everyday work hard for low wages, get laid off on a whim, get passed over for promotions and pay raises. call girling can be a way to make one pound more and to build something for the future. Nowadays, when call girl services are in great demand, call girl business opportunities bring independence and solvency to many women who would otherwise be dependent.

If you are thinking that call girling destroying society, you are mistaken. Let’s see, call girls provide comfort and pleasure for people who are lonely and in need of moral support, human warmth. call girls regularly provide high class companionship for traveling businessmen and men (sometimes women) who cannot find a partner. Elite Mumbai call girls also provide an expert and comforting first experience for many shy young customers, they can professionally help to educate and enliven people in the arts of love. And so on. Some call girls really believe that their job much more social than any other.

Not A Day Without Romantic Escorts

romantic escorts

Romanticism is a state of being which does not depend on weather, season or financial situation in the country.

Petalled Romanticism

In warm periods of time when the weather is blooming and smells in best fragrances you should prepare a real romanticism for your escort! Everything that you need is to rob the nearest London park. Of course there will be few people who would support you in your decision but think how you can make your escort happy! Though if you do not want to resort to stealing flower, just drop into the nearest flower shop and buy the flowers. Scatter the petals all over the bed and even the floor in your bedroom. Invite your romantic escort and enjoy the time of being together.

Aromatic Atmosphere

Two simple things will help you support a romantic atmosphere – perfume and a lamp. You can create an unforgettable atmosphere for a meeting with an escort. Peasant fragrances of your perfume or aroma lamps will make your place a real castle of mystery and romanticism.


Before inviting an escort to your place, make sure that you have enough supplies of candles. Provided you have them, put the candles everywhere in your bedroom. It is not necessary to light all the candles you have because even their presence makes the atmosphere of your place romantic and ready for a fantastic meeting with a romantic escort.

Anything Available

Who told you that it is possible to say about your feelings only once. There are numerous ways to tell an escort about your love. You may turn your apartments into a kingdom of love putting hearts, balloons and other decorations around your place. Also it is possible to sign lots of little cards with the words of love for your escort and put them in every pocket she has.

Rhymed Love Confessions

One of the rudest mistakes of contemporary humankind is that we stopped singing serenades and devoting poems to our beloved. If you cannot rhyme poems, write a little story about each part of your beloved escorts’ body. All the parts of escort’s body should be described beautifully and affectionately, you can compare these parts with luxurious items or marvelous weather phenomena.